Liki Handmade

Visual Identity

Liki Handmade is a German company that sells cards. The company was founded in 2020 by Viktoriya Loptien on the side of her job as a SEA Manager.

Since early childhood she has developed a passion for art. While paying visits to her dad’s workplace, the Archeological museum in her hometown, and by volunteering in different events and learning about ancient arts and crafts, she has shaped her views on what beauty is.

Now with a focus on uniqueness and a mindset of causing minimum environmental damage, she uses materials that speak the language of modern card design.

Liki Handmade’s goal is to build a brand that is recognized for its unique design, quality customer service and the one place you go to when you need to buy a handmade card.

Case 1 (Arts and Illustration)

Liki Handmade was growing in demand on social media like Instagram, and so the owner – Viktoriya decided to invest in a logo for the brand. She loved the symbol of the bird, reminding her of the pet she used to have in her childhood, and the handwritten letters suggesting the nature of the business.