Arts and Illustration, Marketing and Advertising

AURE is a Bulgarian fashion company that specialises in designing ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for women. The entire manufacturing process is completed in Bulgaria, which gives them many competitive advantages. One of them is for example, the possibility to closely monitor the quality standards throughout the different stages of design, production and distribution.

AURE’s goal is to build a strong and recognizable brand internationally.

Case 1 (Arts and Illustration)

For their 2021 Autumn/Winter collection the team of AURE was inspired by the famous artist Frank Stella. They wanted to create special pattern swatches not only to honor his contribution to artistry but also to emphasize the brand’s unique silhouettes. So following the current color trends four swatches were created.

Case 2 (Marketing and Advertising)

A little booklet was designed to tell the story of the A/W21 collection and promote the brand views and beliefs.

Case 3 (Arts and Illustration)

In 2022 M. Rothko was AURE’s spring/summer collection inspiration as well as the never ending love for lemons. As a result, four swatches were designed, which marked another milestone in the successful collaboration between DERMZ and the brand.з